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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training Terminology: SPP and GPP

Training terms!

Don't fear the acronyms.

SPP stands for specific physical preparedness. Sometimes you'll see it defined as "sports-specific" instead of just "specific." Basically, physical preparation for specific situations, be they sports or some job-related task. If you're training for a marathon, running long distance is SPP. If you're training to powerlift, a competition bench press is SPP.

GPP stands for general physical preparedness. This is preparation for any and all physical activities. Generally, you use it to build a foundation for task-specific preparedness. Dragging a sled or doing good mornings are GPP for strength athletes, because neither is directly contested, but both build strength that can be trained with SPP for the specific task.

So you do GPP to get generally fit for training, and then do SPP to get good at the skills you need to use in your final task.

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