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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interview with Zach Evan-Esch

Here are two videos of an interview with Zach Evan-Esch I recommend watching.

These interviews are excellent for a few reasons.

First, Zach Evan-Esch started out training just a few people in a backyard. He couldn't afford weights and a gym, but he got them lifting stones, chopping trees, and doing bodyweight exercises. You don't need a gymful of machines to train. In fact, that might hold you back more than just hitting the monkey bars at the park!

Second, he's got a lot of ideas about how to train people - both for specific sports and in general (see SPP and GPP!) You'll learn a few things, even if it's only "ask people who already know this stuff" - like he did with Joe DeFranco and Louie Simmons.

Third, Zach is totally enthusiastic about training. It's infectious. You start thinking "Geez, I gotta go flip a tire or something..."

Part I

Part II

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