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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Social Class and Lifting

This - quite short - article is really a very strong prompt for questions.

How the Other Half Lifts: What Your Workout Says About Your Social Class

I'm not sure I buy the class thing, but it's certainly true that what your peer group accepts, you are more likely to strive for. In a social network that looks askance at strength and looks at endurance work as something worth priding yourself on, you're going to feel awkward big and comfortable running long distance. In a social network of strength-inclined folks, you'll feel weak and small if you're a marathon runner.

In a social group that looks down on fighting, you'll feel odd fighting. I can vouch for this - when I trained full-contact in the US, people asked what was wrong with me. When I trained full contact in Japan, no one batted an eye. Friends who are fighters - pro and amateur - have reported a mix of support and disgust from peers. The network of people you surround yourself strongly influences your success in reaching your goals. If your goals are closely aligned with their goals, you're going to get places. If yours differ from theirs, you might feel like that author did.

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