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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kids Fitness, popular media version

Thanks to my news bots, I found and read this article on ABC News about kid's fitness training:

Men's Health 10 Rules of Kid's Fitness

Generally, it's a good article, as far as it goes. It does echo some critical advice I do my best to share with the parents of the kids I train:

- keep fitness fun. If they associate "fun" with "physical activity" they will do more of it. If they associate it with "you have do this because you eat too many Doritos" they will do as little as possible and eat Doritos to show you who is boss.

- don't reward exercise with food. Not junk food, anyway. Rewarding fitness activities with healthy food is fine. Rewarding 100 kcals of exercise with 200 kcals of chips downed with 300 kcals of sports drink is a terrible, terrible strategy.

- keep it consistent. The more they do, the better, but the more often they do it, the better still.

The article is still a bit "get them doing Wii and it's fine" but it's on the right track.

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