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Friday, July 22, 2011

Product Review: Oslo 2.0 Stopwatch

I need a stopwatch for work and for timed exercises. I had a nice, inexpensive, and ridiculously sturdy stopwatch I picked up in Japan for about 1000 yen ($10 at the time) by a brand called Picco. But it's long gone, left by accident in a rental car and never recovered.

I picked up one of these recently:


- inexpensive
- light
- large, easy to use buttons that don't get stuck.
- no need for a "double-tap" to start it, or to come out of dimmed mode (like, say, a cell phone)


- large. This is not a con for me, I have big hands and I want a large, easy-to-read stopwatch. But it's not small.
- noisy. It has a "beep" feature for starts and stops, and sometimes I just want to do things silently. There is no option for turning that off.
- battery replacement, if necessary, would require disassembling the stopwatch

The great features of the stopwatch for me is that it both counts up times, with a memory for splits or laps, and does countdowns. This makes it handy for hands-free timed workouts such as EDT, snatch tests, or Crossfit-type "as many rounds as possible in X minutes" workouts.


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  1. Being a parent, I find that many toys make way too much noise, and have found two basic solutions:

    1) To make it significantly quieter with silencing it, put duct tape over the speaker.
    2) To make it silent: Take some super glue and drip it into the speaker hole. Some electronic beeps aren't made with a standard speaker. You might have to open it up and snip the wires.


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