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Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Deadlifts

I'd like to use this post to congratulate two of my clients on their recent lifts.

Tommy - who does MMA with me - pulled a 535 pound trap bar deadlift. That's more than 2xbodyweight. This was also a 75 pound PR.

Not to be outdone, Pete the Fireman pulled a big PR as well. A self described as a former "skinny puny runner" who "got into strength training because it was necessary to do what firemen do," Pete pulled a 455 pound trap bar deadlift - that is 3x his bodyweight of 151! This was also a 45 pound PR.

Both of them got here thought sheer hard work and consistency. They don't miss workouts, they don't bag workouts early, and the always give it their best. They don't get bored, either - both have been trap bar deadlifting once a week every week for at least a year (Tommy for months longer). I'll also credit using a good program - Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 progression forms the core of their big lifts.

Great job guys.
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