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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strength Coach Podcast

One source I regularly check for information is the Strength Coach Podcast.

The Strength Coach is Michael Boyle's website.

The podcast is basically a radio-style program covering the same ground as the Strength Coach website and web forums. The website has some limited information available free, and a paid article and forum section. I haven't been able to justify the cost yet, so I've been reading what I can of the free information. What is offered is generally good stuff, like for example this article on ACL injury prevention.

The website is geared to professionals and forum subscribers, so it feels like you're missing part of the conversation. Because, in fact, you are. Even so, it's got a lot of useful information and I find it beneficial to listen.


- It's free!
- It's good information
- Each podcast features an interview with a strength coach and with Gray Cook, a kinesics/movement specialist.


- It's skewed towards strength trainers, not trainees. Thus a relatively inexperienced trainee might not get as much out of it.
- It often refers to paid content, making it less useful if you're not a subscriber.
- It's pretty long. Often an hour or more. Get comfortable or queue it up for a long commute!

Bottom Line: Check it out, it's free except for your time!

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