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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Direction and Purpose of this Blog

When I first started writing this blog, I posted very often - daily, as a matter of fact. It was a very useful tool for me to review what I knew about training and try to explain it to others.

I went through terms I knew and used, and tried to make them accessible to others.

I dealt with questions I ran into every day training clients, and posted the answers.

I hit the FAQs of training, exercises, and fiendishly persistent myths of training.

However, as my work become more time-consuming and topics for explanation ran a little dry, my posting dropped. First a little (weekdays only), then a lot (several times a week), then precipitously (posting when I had a specific thing to say.)

I've been thinking about the direction of this blog as a result.

I think I have two approaches.

Stay the Course

This means keeping on a slow but steady posting schedule, and keeping the topics as-is. Equipment and book reviews, supplement and food reviews, exercises, basic training terminology, myth-busting, finding resources that are out on other blogs, etc. Keep it impersonal and aimed at beginners, as a source for someone just starting out.

Make it Personal

The other option is to make it more personal. The above topics would be in there. But also, I'd post more about my own workouts. What I'm doing in the gym. What I've done with clients (but with the names filed off). What I'm experimenting with for training and diet. My own goals. Not a training log (I keep mine on paper) but sometimes I'd post examples and details of what I do. Details, basically, that I was hesitant to put out when I was regularly competing in MMA and grappling because nothing anyone learns about me was going to help me more than it hindered me. Plus such details bring the focus onto me more than onto my clients and onto your workouts.

I'm leaning towards the latter, but I recognize that this might not be of interest to people.

If you've got an opinion - stay the course, or make it personal - people put in the comments.


  1. Stay the course.

    What I used to do was, you know how sometimes you're inspired 3 days in a row but then not for month - I'd just write the articles whenever, then schedule them for each Monday or whatever.

    1. That's actually how I have been doing it - I write when I have inspiration and time, and queue them up for the beginning of the week post.

      I've decided on a slight hybrid - one post every Monday, plus more informal posts throughout the week as I find things I like or have content worth putting up on the blog. I'll keep my own training off the blog since none of my readers here or elsewhere mentioned an interest.


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