Strength Basics

Getting stronger, fitter, and healthier by sticking to the basics. It's not rocket science, it's doing the simple stuff the right way. Strength-Basics updates every Monday, plus extra posts during the week.

Personal Training

Do you need personal training?

I am located in Passaic County, NJ, and I train clients throughout Passaic, Bergen, and Essex counties.

I have experience training adults and children, groups and individuals, and athletes and non-athletes. My clients have included MMA athletes, fat loss clients, emergency personnel, and just folks wanting to "get in shape." I can understand the drive and zeal of the athlete, but I've been on the other end, too - I'm empathetic and knowledgeable about losing weight, gaining some muscle, and having to work hard for every ounce of gains.


Please email to inquire about availability and rates. Group Rates are available. Please contact me at the email listed below.

Sessions are approximately one hour long; they can sometimes run shorter or longer depending on the workout and your personal needs.

Please inquire about availability and location via email: p underscore dellorto at
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