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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tall Kneeling Get-Ups

There is a wonderful gem of a conditioning exercise in this recent article by Tom Furman, disguised as a leg strengthening exercise.

Gravity Iron: No Weights Needed

The kneeling tall-get up is useful for conditioning for a lot of reasons:

- it's technically simple.

- it's easy to do at a a pace of your choice (slow, medium, fast, or as fast as possible).

- it will require a lot more oxygen than it seems at first glance

- it removes a lot of the potential for partial movements or changes in the motion due to fatigue.

I used it last night for a client with an arm injury that prevents him from doing regular get-ups. We did 30 seconds per leg, 15 second break, as part of a triple set of exercises. It was excellent for all the reasons I mentioned above plus the "no hands" bit that made it possible for this injury client to do it in the first place.

The rest of the article isn't bad, either, but if the one thing I take away from it is this get-up variation I'm happy.

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