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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Link Recommendation:

The best, hands-down, website for women's training is Stumptuous. It's written by Mistress Krista.

The advice is all no-nonsense and direct. It's written with a female audience in mind, but the advice (like all strength and conditioning advice) applies equally to men. She demolishes myths about weight training from a woman's perspective. She's a firm advocate of going heavy and getting stronger with real exercises. Not so much three pound pink dumbbells for 12-15 tricep kickbacks per arm as heavy deadlifts for 5-8 reps...

You should go to this site because...'re a woman and you want advice aimed directly at you.'re a trainer, man or woman, and want to learn more about training women. know any women who want to train, and you want to better understand their concerns and needs when it comes to training.

...or you're a man or woman, and you want to know how to squat.

For any of those reasons, I'd suggest checking out Mistress Krista's sight. It's not overwhelming to new lifters but it doesn't water down the advice.

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