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Monday, November 14, 2016

An Example of Answering, "What Now?"

A few years back I wrote that one of the most important things a personal trainer does for you is answer the question, "What now?"

You plateau. You stop making progress - or make negative impacts on your fitness. You change your goals and don't know where to go. Or you get hurt.

That is when having a personal trainer and a coach helps.

You can see this with Ryan Nie and his client in the post below:

One of my Olympic Weightlifters hurt his ankle [. . . ]

Hurt ankle, but a sport that is exclusively performed on the feet?

You get lift variations that take the ankle out of it without sacrificing practice of the essential elements of his sport.

That's a perfect example of what we do - he with a weightlifter, myself and others with out clients. When everything is straightforward, you can wonder, why do I need a professional to tell me what to do? When things go wrong, that question is answered.

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