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Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: NitroFusion vegan protein

The other day I reviewed PlantFusion vegan protein powder.

What I forgot to mention at the time was that there is a slightly cheaper way to get the same protein.

It is also sold, in 2-pound and 5-pound tubs, under the brand name NitroFusion. For example, here on


The 2-pound tubs are the same price, generally, but the 5-pounders are a little less per pound (around $13, at the time I write this.)

It's the same exact stuff - same dietary label, same amino acid breakdowns, same ingredients. Same taste, too. I stumbled across this a while back and tried it.

So if you like the PlantFusion I reviewed, but want a larger and possibly cheaper-per-pound way to get it, check out NitroFusion.

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