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Monday, October 8, 2012

Shoulder Injuring Exercises

Critical Bench, a powerlifting site, put up a series of videos by Rick Kaselj about potentially shoulder-damaging exercises.

Five Worst Shoulder Exercises

It's a good look at the:

- the one-arm dumbbell row

- the dumbbell shoulder press

- the behind-the-neck pulldown

- the bench dip


- the upright row

For all of these, the video clearly explains what the problem is, and if it's fixable. The one-arm dumbbell row, for example, can be a shoulder killer done poorly and perfectly shoulder safe done correctly. Others just aren't a good idea for some populations, and at least one ("spoiler" alert, the upright row) is just bad for everyone.

Thanks to Rick Kaselj for the videos, and Critical Bench for putting them up!

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