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Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: Amazing Grass's The Amazing Trio

I take relatively few supplements, but a friend has recommended greens and chlorophyll supplements to me and I respect her knowledge. I have been taking a few, and I will review the ones I have been taking here.

Amazing Grass Amazing Trio Powder Alfalfa, Barley & Wheat Grass-30 Servings, 8.5-Ounce

Amazing Grass
8.5 oz size
MSRP $26.99

This product is a kind of "greens powder." Specifically it is a mix of organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, and organic alfalfa. It provides 30 mg of chlorophyll plus some additional micronutrients. It's primarily useful if you need (or want) to take a chlorophyll supplement. This review won't attempt to convince you to do so or not to do so, only to attempt to let you know how it tastes.

The taste is fairly bland and neutral. The recommendation is to put it in fruit juice, but I find it's perfectly palatable in water. It is a bit gritty, since it's more of a suspension than a solution, but a vigorous shake before drinking is enough to get most of it to stay suspended in the liquid. You may need to add a little water at the end to get the last bits out of your glass, blender, or shaker bottle.

Because the taste is neutral it doesn't affect the flavor of shakes, making it a good add for a meal replacement shake. It will change the color to be more green, especially if adding it to a lighter colored shake such as pumpkin super shake. It is much less strongly flavored than some other greens mixes, especially fruit-based antioxidant blends.

The product is:

- Gluten free
- GMO free
- raw
- seems to be Soy Free (it doesn't say explicitly on the label, but lists no soy in its ingredients)

5 out of 5. Doesn't taste bad, quality ingredients, reasonable price.

Overall: With its relatively neutral taste and good ingredients, it's a good product. If you are looking for a wheat grass / barley grass / alfalfa powdered supplement this is a good one to try. Recommended.

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