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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prowler Push EDT

This is something I've started doing myself, and doing with my clients:

EDT (Escalating Density Training) Prowler Pushes.

How to do it.

Set a timer for 15 minutes.

Load the Prowler with a moderately difficulty weight (say 75-80% of your heaviest trips).

Push the Prowler, high handles only, for as many one-way trips as you can get in 15 minutes.

Next workout, beat that number by 20%. If you can, raise the added weight on the Prowler by 20%.

Continue for 2-3 two week cycles.

Why do this?

Three reasons:

- Cardio. The EDT method forces you to shorten rest and maximize your number of trips. This means you will spend most of that 15 minutes working, and forcing your aerobic system to feed your muscles with oxygen.

- Full-body. This is a full-body exercise that is technically simple and remains technically simple and easy to execute correctly when you get tired. Not only that, but it's a single leg exercise - one leg is the prime mover on each step.

- Low DOMS. Because it's all concentric motions, and you're never lowering or slowing the weight down, you will get tired but not cripplingly sore from doing this.

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