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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Tip: Two weeks per change

As I work with new clients, they sometimes come out of the game full blast. They change their diet, change their habits, hit the gym for sessions with me and then sessions on their own doing extra cardio. They walk, run, jog, take the stairs, and park far away from the office door.

And then they burn out.

What I've been telling clients is, one change per two weeks. First two weeks? Just get adjusted to the new workout schedule.

Next two weeks? Pick an easy dietary change, and make it.

Next weeks after that? Pick another dietary or activity change, and make that.

The idea is to let each change set on its own. To avoid getting overwhelmed with too much, too soon. It's hard to sustain a 180 degree change . . . too soon it becomes a 360 degree change and you're back where you started. If you do it slowly but surely, you'll find out what you can sustain and make it stick. Consistency adds up in the long run, so why not map it out? Even "only" one change every two weeks is 26 significant dietary and activity changes per year. So why rush it?

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