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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Martial Arts Training Links

I am an MMA athlete. I consider myself a martial artist at heart. As much as I love strength training for its own sake, I train ultimately to improve my martial arts performance.

A number of useful articles have been written on the subject, and I've decided to collect links to them here. This, like the book reviews post, will be stuck on the side of the blog for future reference and updating. Enjoy the articles below.

Cosgrove, Alwyn. Tips for developing martial arts-specific strength.
Top Ten Training Tips for Athletic Conditioning Success

DeFranco's Training. How to use the development of explosive power to turn your strength into striking power.
How to Develop KNOCKOUT POWER!!!

Jamieson, Joel. Joel has a pile of articles on his website, all devoted to MMA conditioning. You need to register (for free) and login and login to read them.
8 Weeks Out

Staley, Charles. Quote: "While it might seem ironic, the objective of strength training is NOT increased strength per se, but improved athletic performance." Yes, that.
The Ten Most Common Strength Training Mistakes
Made by Martial Artists

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