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Monday, February 6, 2017

When Clients Say Thank You

The other day, one of my clients thanked me for his results.

That's not that uncommon. It's happened a few times.

I used to say, "You're welcome." But honestly, I'm not doing the work.

What I am doing is not nothing - I am providing expertise. Equipment. A safe and productive training environment. A degree of motivation and a lot of accountability.

But I'm not lifting the weights.

I'm not passing on the treats.

I'm not cooking and eating those vegetables and healthy protein sources.

I'm not pushing the Prowler or dragging the sled or sitting deeply into that stretch to clear up your issues.

That's all my clients.

I'm providing direction, but all the work is theirs.

Yet, at the same time, I've thanked my own coach. I know all too well the difference between my results training myself and my results under his watchful eye. As a client it seems like the trainer is the reason you're succeeding. As the trainer, it seems like the client is the reason the client is succeeding.

So for all I do, when someone thanks me for the results, it's hard not to say, "You did it, not me." I'm not being self-effacing. I'm telling the truth. I'd have lifted those weights for you if that would get you results . . . but it's you lifting them that got you what you wanted to get.

It's the client, not me. And that's what's so great about this job.

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