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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Power of Someone Else's Belief

Today I had a good day:

Check the bottom right hand corner. That's my first ever mention on a gym's record board.

As I said to my coach when I finished, I wouldn't have even tried the 2000m row if he hadn't said I could set the record. I just didn't know if I could sustain a pace for 2000m. I can go long grappling, but rowing long distance isn't something I usually do. Yet I managed to edge the previous record by almost 4 full seconds.

But it's hard to say, "I can't" or not try when someone says, "You can do this, go and do it." Not only that, but I did it after setting a PR in single-leg box squat negatives, too. None of this is world-record breaking. I'm sure the record will fall. But it's an achievement I didn't know I had in me and I'm proud of it.

It's a great thing to keep in mind as a coach - simply believing in a client, and communicating that belief, can be extremely powerful. It can drive an attempt that the client wouldn't even consider. Belief is powerful!

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