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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Clear, Concise deadlift instruction video

Here is a simple, seven step process to a deadlift.

Step-by-step Approach to a Strong, Pain-free Deadlift

Now, if you judge a video by how much the person in it lifts, you'll be making a big mistake here. Joe D. had back surgeries (multiple surgeries) to remove a tumor from his spine. He's never going to deadlift heavy - but he can explain it quickly and clearly.

The video production is good, too - you can see clearly his spacing, how to set up, the effect of taking the slack out of the bar, and how he starts the lift in the same tension that he has at the top. He avoids two common mistakes - starting the lift with bent elbows, or blowing out air at the top and trying to inhale more air under a load.

I've personally added some of these coaching cues to my arsenal - a coach is always looking for more ways to explain the same thing. I like the phrase "taking the slack out of the bar." I used to tell people to apply tension, but I feel that the "slack" phrase makes the point a little better. I also like driving the knees into the elbows for people who have trouble understanding what torque in the hips feels like.

Good stuff.

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