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Friday, May 20, 2011

Heart Health from Exercise

Personally I would file this under "should have been obvious." Your heart health at 40, especially your cardiovascular fitness for exercise, is a strong influence on your heart health at 80.

"So in these studies, women who could run a mile in 12 minutes or less, or a man who could run a mile in ten minutes or less, those individuals were at the lowest risk for heart disease," [Dr.] Berry says.

Gauging Heart Fitness

But that's not really why I am linking to this short article.

Watch the video.

Check out:

- the woman jumping on a bench at 0:10
- the guy pushing a Prowler with the football drive pad add-on at 0:17
- the woman pushing a sled of some kind (could be the Prowler again, I can't tell) at 1:25

Now that I like to see. Sure, you see people on treadmills and steppers and whatnot; but you also see people doing serious weight-resisted cardiovascular training. Also, these aren't young athletes but seemingly normal exercisers trying to get into shape. Nice!

Pay attention to that take-home message, though:

- men who could run 1 mile in under 10 minutes and woman who could run 1 mile in under 12 minutes had the lowest incidence of heart disease.
- if you're out of shape now, you can get into shape and "reap the benefits" of fitness. So it's not too late, no matter where you are starting.

And if you are worried about heart problems and going hard on the conditioning, check this nice article on a study over on Precision Nutrition - Will Sprinting Hurt Your Heart?

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  1. One other important comment was that those who have been unfit and become fit are able to "reap most of the benefits" of fitness! In other words, it's never too late!

  2. Andy, absolutely! It's never too late!


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