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Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's where you train

Where you train, and the people you train with, affects your training.

If you train at a gym that discourages grunting, sweaty, and pushing yourself to the limit (for fear of injury or lawsuit), you're going to be limited. It won't compare to a place that sets the bar high, and moves it higher each time you achieve a new level.

Recently, MSYN.TV came to my mixed-martial arts gym and looked at our training. You can see how this kind of environment can motivate you. You are driven by the competition from your fellow students and the expectations of the teacher. But you're also brought along by them, helped by them, and given whatever you need to succeed. My strength and conditioning gym is exactly the same kind of place, but that's a different post.

Here is Advanced Fighting Systems in Mahwah, NJ.

Welcome to AFS

A look at Phil Dunlap, instructor at AFS.

Where you train affects your results.

If your gym isn't driving you forward, it's probably holding you back. You have to ask yourself which one it is.

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