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Friday, January 23, 2009

Work Out Anywhere

Equipment limitations can sometimes put a crimp in your workout schedule. Here is a simple fix: The Burpee Ladder. All you need is a way to keep track of seconds - a stopwatch, a watch, a cell phone, or something similar will do.

What's a burpee? A squat-thrust with a pushup and a jump. Here is a good video:

The workout is simple:
Do 1 burpee.
Rest 60 seconds.
Do 2 burpees.
Rest 60 seconds.
Do 3 burpees.
Etc. until you can't get any more burpees. 10 rounds (55 burpees) is pretty good, 15 rounds (120 burpees) is better. 20 is pretty amazing - that's 210 burpees!

The advanced version is "on the minute." Instead of resting for 60 seconds, every minute on the minute do your burpees. Stop when you can't finish your reps before the next minute which case, just finish the round and stop. In this version:

Start the clock, do 1 burpee,
At 1 minute, do 2 burpees.
At 2 minutes, do 3 burpees.
As the rounds go on, your work gets longer and your rests get shorter.

That's your workout. No gear needed.

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