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Friday, January 9, 2009

Article Review: Ten Tips for Show and Go

There is a new article over at EliteFTS by Chase Karnes called "Ten Tips for Show and Go."

It is aimed at people training high school athletes. But I think it's an unusually good starting point for any beginning lifter.

His tips - minus the details (go read the article) are:

1. Master body weight
2. Use external resistance
3. Use free weights
4. Perform quickly and explosively but controlled
5. Incorporate single leg movements
6. Use progressive overload
7. Don’t vary too often
8. Balance both sides of the joint
9. Nutrition is key
10. Mix it up

It's good advice for everyone. Master your bodyweight first, then start adding external resistance in the form of free weights. Lift with control but fast. Use single-leg exercises, and balance lifts around joints (if you do a push, do a pull, if you do hamstrings, do quadriceps too). Mix up your exercises, but don't do it too often. And make sure your diet is on point. Those are in general good pieces of advice. The specifics are also on target. This article is definitely a keeper.

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