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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Joel Jamieson on the Physical Preperation Podcast

Over on the Physical Preparation Podcast, Mike Robertson interviews Joel Jamieson from

Joel Jamieson indirectly got me in the best shape of my life, through John Impallomeni at DeFranco's Training in Wyckoff, NJ. Just before my first Grappler's Quest, John had me do HICT as part of a workout to help me peak. After that, we incorporated a lot of techniques Joel described in MMA Conditioning into my workouts. I was already pretty good when it came to endurance and recovery - after that, tiring me out was difficult and it took under a minute for me to be ready to go again. So, like Mike Robertson, I, too have something that I owe to Joel Jamieson.

Physical Preparation: Joel Jamieson

Highlights include:

- discussions of developing mental toughness, and what mental toughness means
- importance of cueing quality movement under fatigue and stress
- the importance of assessing movement at all times, not just in an initial or special movement screen.

One warning: Joel Jamieson is super-smart. So much so that when dumbs it down for everyone else it can still pretty advanced material. But you won't regret listening to this - it's solidly useful material with little fluff.

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