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Friday, August 21, 2015

Article Review: Bulk Up, Cut Up: Quads and Tri's

When I was rebabbing a knee injury, and while havign a client do more or less the same, I found this article extremely helpful:

Bulk Up, Cut Up: Quads and Tri's

It's actually aimed at bodybuilding, not injury rehabilitation or post-surgery strengthening.

But the cases in point had something that bodybuilders are concerned with - muscle isolation and symmetry. In order to deal with lopsided muscle development post-injury, it's handy to be able to isolate down to a specific lagging muscle on one or both legs.

The exercises in the article are great for that. One VMO is lagging the other? Covered with single-leg exercises for both. Your rectus femoris was injured and you need to bring it back up to speed without letting your body find a way to compensate via other muscles? Covered.

The aim is aesthetics, but the result can be rehabilitation. And as usual with a Christian Thibaudeau article, it is well illustrated, well written, and well explained. Good stuff if you need to get someone's quads back on line one muscle at a time, or even one leg at a time.

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