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Friday, May 24, 2013

Article Review: 5 tips for fitness success

This article appeared in the Miami Herald.

Fitness Success: 5 Great Ways to make fitness and weight loss easier

I've never heard of the author before now, but he's spot on.

The article shows five solid ways to take "willpower" out of the diet and exercise equation.

Each of the five ways boils down to preparation. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Simply by planning ahead - and having both emergency backup food choices and emergency backup workout choices smooths the path to success. It makes choosing the long-term beneficial exercise or food easier than choosing the bad stuff.

Smoothing the path to success makes it harder to fail. I highly endorse all of these tips.


  1. I've always said, you don't need motivation, you need habits.

    I disagree with him that you should have a home gym "just as a backup." Most people will use its existence as an excuse to quit their gym membership, then not use their home gym. Bad.

    A gym is like a church or library. God can hear you anywhere, you can read books anywhere, you can lifts weights or go for a walk or sprint anywhere, but when you're in those places, you just feel like doing that thing. Humans are ritual creatures.

    1. See, I've always had a home gym, even if it was just a small one. Not having stuff at home is used more often as an excuse for not doing it ("I just couldn't get to the gym") instead of an excuse to quit the gym ("I can do it at home.") The whole article, really, is prepare for when the ideal - cooking at home, meals that fit your goals, and a well-equipped gym - aren't there.

      You don't need the home gym, but you don't need the gym you signed up with, either. You need some place to train. In my opinion it's better to have more of those than restrict yourself in the hopes that you'll always be able to make it there.


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