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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Article Review: Mike Robertson on Knees

If you have any knee issues, check out this new article up on the IFAST website.

3 S's for Stronger Knees by Mike Robertson.

Who should read it?

Anyone training with, or training through, a "bad" knee.

What's in It?

A good three-fold look at the issue of fixing a knee issue. How to deal with stability and strengthening in different planes is covered. How to deal with hip and ankle issues to fix knee issues. Also how to line up posture through the knee.

One of my favorite bits is that for some knee issues (ones with frontal plane stability issues) you don't want to go for single leg training until you can do two-legged training. My own experience with knee issues is that some don't respond at all to single leg exercises but to two-legged exercises. Why? Well, now I think I know why.

Well worth the read.

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