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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pallof Press variation

I must have missed this the first time around, but my boss introduced me to it:

Pallof Press 2.0

It's a tube based variation with movement. Give it a try; if you do it correctly it's very challenging.


  1. I think your gym needs some tidying up ;)

    Seriously, though, I'll be following your blog with great interest, being a qualified PT/Fitness Instructor/Sports Massage Therapist myself. I recently became excited about a new MMA gym opening locally and made enquiries about the beginners course. But then I had a reality check and had to remind myself that 9 months post operative from a medial meniscus operation (that is still not 100%) I was potentially running the risk of having some over-enthusiastic twenty-something cranking on my leg and ruining my knee further. And at 48, I find my body doesn't bounce back so quickly any more.

    Very pleased to have found your blog, so keep up the great work.

    Kind regards,


  2. Are you volunteering to help clean up? Heh.

    I haven't been posting as often as I'd like on this blog, but it is active, and I'm glad you found it.

    As for MMA, if you can find a good instructor and trustworthy training partners, training injured is just fine. I'm recovering from a few injuries and I found that MMA is easier on me than cardio machines, weight training, bodyweight exercises, or even just walking around. You just need to know, 100%, that your partner won't crank on an injured part and responds with alacrity to a tap. If you can find a school like that, you can train even with pretty bad injuries.


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