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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Strength as a Skill - great quote

Re-reading a novel, I stumbled across this great description of skill.

Every skill - certainly every physical skill - really consists of learning which muscles ought to be tense, and which relaxed, and when. Increased skill comes with strengthening certain muscles, and, even more, achieving finer control of the particular muscles used. . . .

It goes on to say that

It is a training of mind and of muscle, which in the novice are constantly at odds with each other, and in the expert are so strongly united that it is impossible to separate conscious decisions from those made by trained reflexes.
- Steven Brust, Issola

That is certainly stating it better than I did. That will apply to any physical skill - deadlifting, yoga, martial arts, running, driving, a golf swing, etc. The meshing of the mind's knowledge of what you want to do with the unconscious body awareness that lets you tighten and slack as needed on the fly. Practice getting strong!

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