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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quotes to Train By: "Total health is cumulative."

OTTB is "Quotes to Train By."

"Total health is cumulative." - from the Egoscue DVD series and Pain Free book series.

I like this quote because it really sums up the value of good diet, consistent training, and long-term goals.

It all adds up. The foam rolling and mobility work you do adds up. But so does the bad posture you sit in.

Lifting adds up. So does sleep. So does practice in a skill.

The idea is broad but accurate. Total health is cumulative. Everything you do adds up to have gotten you to where are you now, and what you do will add up to get you to your goals.

It also means that fixing things takes time - you have to work steadily to get there, you can't just do a little exercise or a little mobility work to undo years of tightness or weakness.

Total health is cumulative - what did you do today to add to your total health.

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