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Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: F*** Calories

Free is my favorite price point. It's even better when it's free and good.

F*** Calories is an ebook by Krista Scott-Dixon about, you guessed it, diet.

The ebook is available free (in return for your email address, of course) from

The book is free, and short, and very direct, as the title makes pretty clear.

The idea is pretty simple - eat real food. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat that food. Don't worry about calories, just eat off a smaller plate if you want to be smaller, a big plate if you want to be bigger. Skip the sugar and supplements and vitamins and just get back in touch with how you feel after you eat. Adjust according if things aren't working for you.

It's a good starter piece on diet - for people confused by the whole mass of "do this, not that" it goes right to "start here and do what works." It's refreshingly direct, and it's written by someone with a professional track record of success helping people lose fat - even if she says you don't need someone to do that.

It's good, it's free, and the advice is solid. It is a great tonic to take before reading a diet book or choosing an eating approach. Well worth the (quick) read.

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