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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Influence of Gut Flora on Weight Control

As the title says, Gut Bacteria May Be Key to Fighting Obesity - maybe a bit strong to say "key," but it's clear that gut bacteria have an extremely strong influence on your weight.

Now it's not clear how you can act on this now, for all of the "probiotic" and "prebiotic" products on the market. Healthy consumption of fermented foods can surely help to a degree, but most of this is still in the future. But it's interesting that folks like Paul Chek have been talking gut health as it relates to strength training for a long time, and finally health science is starting to demonstrate why that may be so important.

Not the most savory of topics, gut flora and bowel health, but it's the other end of the diet/intake process and equally as important in the long run for your health.

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