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Friday, July 15, 2011

Prowler-Only Workout

I needed a minimal-space, short workout today for a client.

Here is what I wrote up:

A) Prowler Squat-to Row x 1 trip
B) Prowler Push x 1 trip
C) Prowler Pushups x 10 (2 rounds) x 8 (2 rounds) x 6 (2 rounds)
D) Prowler Plank x 30s (2 rounds) x 25 seconds (2 rounds) x 20 seconds (2 rounds)

That's it - 6 rounds, about 1 minute rest between rounds.

The Prowler Squat-to-Row involved looped a tow strap around the low handles of a prowler. Squat down, pull back as you stand up. The more explosive the pull, the better. That's your posterior chain and back and biceps and a bit of forearms, too.

The Prowler Push is just running the prowler back to the starting point with the low handles. That's legs and cardio.

Prowler Pushups are just close-grip pushups holding the low handle of the Prowler. I dropped the reps as the rounds went to ensure I got clean reps even as the client tired out (and 10 reps was a bit less than half of what he's banged out for barbell pushups with chains, to give you idea of how tiring this all was together).

Finally the client held a plank at the top of the pushup position on the Prowler.

It worked very well, and we finished with a short bout of steady state cardio to get a little more low-impact work in and get some extra calories burned (because, what the heck, it's been working well for this client).

It's quick but an idea of what you can do with a tow strap, Prowler, running space, and a couple of plates.

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